Leo Personality Traits

Find out the Leo personality traits.

Leo Personality Traits

  • They are materialistic and believe in perfection.

  • They are ambitious and positive towards life.

  • They make great lovers but often do not last in relationships because of their stinginess.

  • They love the limelight and being in the center stage always.

  • They are outgoing, adventurous and fun loving.

  • They are not at all shy, rather they enjoy attention from the opposite sex.

  • They tend to enjoy life to the fullest and work hard to live their dreams.

  • They are highly conscious of their food habits.

  • They are loyal and honest, someone you can count on.

  • Optimistic, confident and are good leaders.

  • They always play safe and keep themselves on the safe side.

  • As long as they are appreciated by others, they tend to make their lives comfortable.

  • Sensitive and caring, they value their closed ones.

  • Not a sport at taking critique and might get themselves making perceptions about others.

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